1) Can the lick block be placed in exterior paddocks?
Yes, because it is impervious to weather conditions.
2) How much of the lick block does a dry cow eat?
From 1 to 3 kg per day, depending on the quality of the hay, the availability of water, the number of blocks in relationship to the number of animals and the accessibility of the block.
3) Is it true that changing the location of the lick block may change the amount consumed?
This does not normally occur. If it does, it means that the new location has improved the accessibility of the lick block.
4) Do cows bite the lick block?
No, animals should lick the block. However, when the product is opened the presence of square edges makes biting off the edges possible.
5) Can the animal’s rations be changed from only hay and a lick block to lactation rations?
Of course. Thanks to the lick block’s formulation and the manner in which it is ingested, the effect on ruminal pH leads to significant development of ruminal papillae, which are essential to managing this transition without any difficulties.
6) How much does the lick block weigh?
There are currently two sizes: 25 and 650 kg. Modular Cube CY is available only in a 20 kg size.
7) Can I use legume hay?
The lick block system is designed to work only with grass hay, with the possible addition of some straw.
In order to offer a more flexible response, it depends on the type of hay. Normally legume hay is not recommended due to its protein and calcium content. However, if it is first-cut hay from a long-established field in which the presence of legumes is minimal, it may be possible to use. Seek the advice of your local agricultural consultant.
8) Does the pallet on which the cube is delivered need to be returned?
No, for obvious reasons of hygiene.
9) I have 40 animals, including dry cows and beef cattle. How many lick blocks do I need?
A minimum of 1 lick block per 15-20 animals is recommended, so at least two. The placement of additional lick blocks does not increase consumption beyond the animals’ needs, as ingestion is self-regulated.
10) Can I add rations for lactating cows?
Absolutely not! The rations must consist of grass hay and lick blocks. During the final 15 days you can add 5 kg of rations for lactating cows per head per day, but only if you are certain that each cow eats her portion.

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