Cow-calf line

This type of rearing involves keeping the calf with the mother during the lactation period. It can take place in sheds, with well-defined areas for the cows suckling their calves (with access to shared boxes for supplements), partially outdoors, with the herd spending the spring and summer in pastures, or entirely outdoors, with the herd living in pastures all year.

The latter two solutions require providing the appropriate amount of feed by means of special equipment including hay racks, feeders for calves, feeders for adult animals and pasture water troughs.

The energyCube product simplifies the work of farmers by supplementing the protein, caloric, mineral and vitamin intake of the mother, adding to and improving the intake from grazing.

The quantity and quality of the grazing and/or the available forage will clearly be determining factors in the overall diet.

Animals at pasture

Designed as an excellent supplement to pasture grass, energyCube can be given to animals at pasture, including both dairy cows and beef cattle.



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