Cows – Dry period

Nutrition management of dry cows is often neglected and undervalued, even though it is essential to the success of the upcoming lactation period.

Management conditions deriving from insufficient space, a limited group of animals and lack of labour often lead to decisions that are convenient for the farmer, but do not meet the animals’ metabolic needs. Examples include using a portion of rations intended for lactating cows, providing rations prepared with silage only every other day, insufficient adjustment of available feed for the number of animals present, and inadequate management of the pre-parturition period. These contribute to a predisposition to metabolic disorders and lower-than-anticipated production during the subsequent lactation period.

The dCube system is a feeding system that involves the simple, practical and effective combination of a lick block with continuously available grass forage, allowing animals to feed at will.

The cows lick the product to meet their nutritional needs, depending on the quality and quantity of forage and water provided.

The particular manner in which the cows ingest the block – by licking or taking small bites – leads to significant saliva secretion, providing a natural buffer that physiologically regulates ruminal pH and thereby prevents dangerous fluctuations.

Using dCUBE during the dry period fully restores the cows’ hepatic and ruminal function, improving their general state of health and making them better prepared for the lactation period.





• Precise coverage of dry period nutritional needs

• Consistent rations

• Stable ruminal pH

• Stimulates ruminal bacteria activity

• Increases ingestion capacity

• Self-limiting consumption

• Convenient to manage

• No unifeed mixer required

• Impervious to weather conditions

• Easy to move and store

• Saves energy

• Saves labour


650 kg: 20x80x90 cm

25 kg: 26x40x30 cm


11kg of grass hay and 3 kg of dCUBE

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