Cows – Growth period

Raising replacement animals is often viewed solely as a cost, as it is incorrectly considered to be an unproductive period for the animal.

Although no milk is being produced, the milk-producing “machine” is being shaped. In fact, this period is essential to the farm’s future. Who would want to jeopardize these “future” cows?

mCube provides a simple yet effective solution. Designed specifically for growing bovines, it can be given to animals from the age of 6 months until their first calving.

The ideal diet consists of mCube and unrestricted dry forage. In general, a lick block should be provided for every 15 animals to prevent the development of negative affects deriving from hierarchy among the animals.

If necessary, due to a lack of dry forage and/or a surplus of silage, part of the dry forage can be replaced with grass silage for up to a maximum ratio of 1:1 dry forage to silage. From a nutritional viewpoint, adding corn silage to the diet is not recommended.

Consumption will vary based on the quantity and quality of the forage provided and the needs of the animals. mCube can also be made available to animals at pasture to supplement grazing.

Remember to provide unrestricted access to clean water.

This product is particularly useful when it is difficult to prepare rations every day due to logistical reasons. The system enables animals to achieve pre-established weight and body structure objectives before the first calving by the age of 24 months.


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