Postpartum Period

After the dry period, the period that best characterizes the production and reproduction performance of dairy cow lactation is immediately after parturition, which is the second part of the transition period. Although the period normally lasts the first 21 days, if the animal is highly productive it can continue for several more weeks.

Modular Cube CY is an additional tool for managing this delicate period.

The objective of using Modular Cube CY is to provide a nutritional supplement to animals during a critical production stage without having to add supplements to the feed trough or the mix every day.

A second but equally important objective is to prevent variations in ruminal pH by stimulating saliva production. In fact, thanks to the product’s special composition, it is ingested solely by licking, which stimulates saliva production and prevents over-consumption.

This intentionally difficult ingestion method makes competition for food between the animals less of an issue.

By increasing and stabilizing ruminal pH and using sugars to stimulate lactic acid-utilizing bacteria, ModularCube CY promotes improved fibre digestion and prevents SARA (subacute ruminal acidosis).

In the absence of significant metabolic disorders, normal consumption is 100 to 200 g/day. If consumption is higher, the formulation and availability of the feed must be checked.

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