Sheep and goats

The lick block for sheep and goats is a nutritional supplement to grazing and forage that stimulates ingestion and promotes digestion. It can be provided in concentrated form without feeders. It ensures increased intrauterine growth and a higher weight of lambs/kids at birth, improved readiness of sheep/goats for parturition and excellent initial milk production. In addition, it improves grazing management.

Dry sheep

Use the Energy Cube and forage without grains and/or feed.

Lactating sheep

Until weaning
If there is a need to know the exact amount of grain and/or feed being ingested, use ModularCube CY and rations for lactating sheep. Otherwise, provide Energy Cube and unrestricted grains/feed and forage.

After weaning
Modular Cube CY plus rations for lactating sheep or Modular Cube CY plus unlimited grains/feed and forage.


Until weaning
Same as the mother

From weaning until 90 days
Energy Cube CY, unlimited grains/feed and forage/grazing

After 90 days
High-quality forage and Energy Cube
If a lamb is born without a lick block available or the lick block system is introduced to the farm, a transition period of approximately 15 days is required to achieve normal management of the Modular Cube CY. Product consumption is based on the quality of the forage and/or grazing – the better their quality, the lower the lick block consumption.

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