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How does it work

Blocknutrition has devised a food system that provides for the simple, practical and effective association of a concentrated product at will, the cube, with grass forages without the need for rationing.

Through some technological devices, derived from physiological studies, which act on the method of intake, the dCube product is a food with self -regulating intake in fact the cows will take it according to their nutritional needs as well as on the basis of the quality and quantity of the forages. at their disposal.

The secret of its functioning is the way in which the cube is taken on by the cows; The animal ingests the concentrate with licks and small bites, which determines an abundant secretion of saliva, the natural buffer, and therefore physiologically regulates the pH of the rumen, avoiding dangerous fluctuations.

Furthermore, the animals eat the block in small and numerous daily meals, always alternating with fodder and water, thus providing in a constant and fractionated way, all the nutrients necessary for a good ruminal function .  


The greater ruminal efficiency determines a greater digestion of the fiber and a greater ingestion of forages.


The use of the Cube system during the dry period brings the cows to a full restoration of liver and ruminal functions , therefore, to an improvement in the general state of health, preparing them to better face the birth and subsequent lactation. 

Proper management of dry cows allows for excellent results in the subsequent lactation phase.


Also not negligible is the opportunity to be able to grant animals free outdoor housing that the cube offers, being resistant to atmospheric agents

By doing so, the animal also restores the functionality of the musculoskeletal system and of the hooves in particular to the best of their ability and this type of housing also guarantees maximum comfort and minimum stress. 

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The advantages of the CUBE system

1.  Coverage of the pet's needs

2.   Consistency of the ration

3.  Stability of rumen pH

4.  Stimulation of bacterial activity

5.   Increases the ability to ingest 

6.   Self-limiting in consumption

7.  Practicality of management

8.  The unifeed wagon is not needed

9.  Unalterable to atmospheric agents

10  Moves and stores easily

11.  Energy saving


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