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 Cube system

the new food system for sheep and goat breeding


The cube for sheep and goats is a complementary food to pastures and forages which stimulates its ingestion by optimizing digestion, that is, obtaining more nutrients for the animal.

Among other things, the cube system allows for the administration of concentrates without feeding troughs.


Experimental data have shown a greater intrauterine growth and therefore a greater weight of the lambs at birth, a better preparation of the animals for calving and an optimal start of lactation.

Farmers report that they have measured a greater ingestion of pasture especially when it begins to decrease its quality. 

Sheep in milk

Until weaning

If you are feeding a ration where you want to know exactly how much cereal and/or feed is ingested, use the lactating animals and in addition Modular Cube CY .

You can also use an ad libitum diet using Energy Cube , feed, grass forages and water always available.

After weaning

Modular Cube CY in addition to the ration of lactating animals or Modular Cube CY with cereals and forages at will.

Lambs - kids

Until weaning

Like the mother

Fter weaning up to 90 days

Energy Cube in addition to cereals/feed and forage/pasture at will

After 90 days

Top quality forage, water and Energy Cube .

If a lamb is born without having the cube available or the cube is introduced from scratch in the rationing, a transition phase of about 15 days must be set in which the Modular Cube CY is added to the normal management.

The consumption of the products is linked to availability and quality of the other components of the diet.


no to feed / cereals at this stage
From calving to weaning (0-30 DIM)
Lactation (after the first 30 DIM)
Modular Cube CY
Cereal or feed
Cereal or feed
Forage and / or pasture
Modular Cube CY
Milking diet
Solution A
Solution B


Weaning (0-30)
Up to 90 days of age
After 90 days of age
Like the mother
Energy Cube
Energy Cube
Cereal or feed
High quality forage
Forage or pasture

What is the ideal solution for your company?

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