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Cube system
for suckler (cow-calf line) 

the new feeding system for suckler cows


This type of breeding foresees the permanence of the calf next to the mother for the lactation period and can be managed:

  • in communicating stalls for suckling cow and calf with the basic ration administrated, in this way Modular Cube CY is a complementary food to add minerals, vitamins and sugars

  • in the semi-wild state, where the herd spends the spring and summer period grazing

  • in the wild, where the herd is grazed all year round.
    For these last two solutions, there is the need to correctly administer the food by means of specific equipment such as hay racks, selective feeders for calves, feeders for adult animals, and pasture troughs.

To simplify the farmer's task, the use of energyCube as a protein, energy, mineral and vitamin supplement is the ideal solution.

Ingestion obviously follows the quality and quantity of both the pasture and the other foods available to the suckler cow



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