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Vacche che leccano il cubo

Simply, simple!

Our solutions

Vacche che leccano il cubo
Dry animals


Retentions of placenta,
etrites,  ketosis, LDA

are a problem?

Pecore con video


The most energetic version can also be used for lactating animals such as sheep and cows suckler

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Manze con cubo
Growing animals


The practicality of the cube system to satisfy the needs of your young animals


modularCUBE CY

The simplest solution to supply energy, minerals and vitamins for the wild animals

Vacche che leccano il cubo
Organic food


Take advantage of the advantages of the cube system by respecting the regulation for organic food

Vacche che leccano il cubo
GMO free

Alpen Block

The cube system that it complies with the regulations GMO free certification.

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Made in Italy

Who we are

Blocknutrition is an Italian company that has been working both in Italy and abroad for over ten years, especially in Europe.

By combining the simplicity, pragmatism and efficiency of our food systems we can help you to contain the costs associated with the methabolic pathologies of ruminants and therefore to produce more and have a greater income.

We are ready to challenge the future with our solutions!

What our customers say

"Postpartum pathologies?"

"I forgot I have cows in postpartum"

Alessandro Magoni

Az. Agr. Magoni

Brescia -IT

"I risultati di una buona asciutta li vedi dopo"

"Uso il cubo perchè è semplice, non devo dare mangimi. Continuo ad usarlo da ormai quattro anni perché il risultato di una buona asciutta si vedono sulla fertilità ed il latte."

(13200kg a 305 giorni 3° classificato per proteine a RE)

Giacomo Chiozzi

Bagnolo in piano

"Simple and effective"

"I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are. "

Francesco Bozzetti

Az. Bozzetti


"The secret is in consistency"

"I believe it is the fastest, safest, standard and most constant system throughout the year to feed the group of dry animals which I believe to be the most delicate group of animals .. your dry animals, from the first to the last day, eat the same identical thing with excellent quality standards. So its strong point is the constancy of the feeding and obviously the results are a consequence "

Giovanni Grazioli

Az. Mondini Candido

Verolavecchia -IT

How does it work

Block Nutrition has invented a food "system" that provides for the simple, practical and effective association of a concentrate, the cube, with grass forages without having to prepare the ration.

Through an innovative industrial process, derived from physiological studies, which by acting on the method of intake make the dCube a self-regulating food intake, in fact the cows will take it based on their nutritional needs as well as based on the quality and quantity of the forages. at their disposal.

The secret of its functioning lies in the way in which the cube is taken up by the cows; The animal ingests the concentrate with licks and small bites, which determines an abundant secretion of saliva, the natural buffer, and therefore physiologically regulates the pH of the rumen, avoiding dangerous fluctuations.

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